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About ClevaMe

About ClevaMe Academy | Brain Development Programme

ClevaMe Academy

About ClevaMe Academy | Brain Development Programme

ClevaMe Academy

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ClevaMe Academy

Established in 2015, ClevaMe Academy was founded by Marlize Visser who holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University
of South Africa in Early childhood development as well as a
Diploma in Montessori Education. 

Her passion for children and search for a better way to raise children in a spirit of kindness, partnership and respect;
coupled with her personal experience as a traditional as well as a Montessori educator, equipped her to develop the
ClevaMe Brain Development Programme.

She has been in the field for just over 16 years, and because she could not find a school or curriculum that catered for
her individual needs, she opened the ClevaMe Academy in 2015; where she combined Montessori techniques, whilst
achieving CAPS compliancy. The ClevaMe Brain Development Programme forms the foundation of the baby
centre’s curriculum.

For generations, early childhood development programmes focused on pre-primary education.

The evidence, however, is compelling that early childhood development deserves equal attention because of the rapid brain
growth in the first years of life. Preschool is not enough; we need to provide a child with a solid foundation, by recognizing
the early moments of a child’s life.

In a world of persistent perils, children need support to develop healthily. Quality care, nutrition, protection, stimulation and
learning in a child’s early years; complemented by the skills that parents learn – have a powerful influence on readiness for
school, and wellbeing later in life. The best way a parent can invest in his child’s future is to invest in early
childhood development.


Children’s first experiences with play normally occur within the home environment and with those around them.
These experiences are critical in terms of the child’s early development: developing the brain and laying the
foundations for the child as a lifelong learner.


Stimulation that comes with love, play, talk, singing and reading books with a caring adult is not as simple as it seems.

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