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ClevaMe Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

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Health and Safety at ClevaMe Academy are of the highest priority and we take extra precaution to ensure that each and every child is safe at all times.

Our facilities are cleaned and maintained on an on-going basis by our full-time cleaning and maintenance team. We also have a deep cleaning company to ensure our facilities are clean and hygienic at all times. Toys are sterilised directly after each use, PVC mattresses are utilised during rest periods, and automatic hand sanitizers are located inside each bathroom, as well as in nappy changing areas. Our little one’s toilet facilities provide privacy through the use of individual cubicles.

We also ensure the presence of CPR trained staff members on our premises. Please ask to see our CPR certificates as they are available at all times for you to view.

We also form part of the ISASA Schools and therefore also form part of their health and safety protocols according to law. http://www.isasa.org/health-and-safety-guidelines-for-schools/

Our security measures ensure peace of mind at all times and include:

  • Internet monitored school which means that mums and dads can peak in on their little ones at anytime
  • Secure drop off area for parents
  • A biometric access control system
  • Protection from a 24-hour armed response security company
  • Panic buttons are worn at all times by the security guard, teachers and head of school
  • Evacuation drills are carried out regularly to ensure organisation in the case of an emergency

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