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ClevaBabes Classes

ClevaBabes Classes and Programmes | ClevaMe Academy


ClevaBabes Classes and Programmes | ClevaMe Academy


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ClevaBabes Classes

Our ClevaBabes is divided into 3 groups, each one providing age-appropriate toys, education and activities. The ClevaMe Brain development program forms part of the curriculum and is done daily with all the babies in the centre. We complement this program with an enriching program focussing on gross motor activities as well as tactile desensitization. We proud ourselves in this programme and have seen phenomenal results when looking at milestone successes. This structured programme is done in the morning, which covers all the needs for optimal brain development. A second structured session is done during the afternoon, for the full-time babies.

We firmly believe in child-lead programs, to ensure that each baby has optimal learning experiences. That is why we will assist and facilitate your little one’s weaning on to solids on a flexible basis.


  • Available instruction is dual medium and children are taught proficiently in both English and Afrikaans
  • Our qualified teachers have daily activities that are detailed on the wall of each class accompanied by quality material for the maximum benefit
  • Daily feedback and evaluations are done during June and November of each year to keep parents informed about their child’s development
  • Our staff is focussed on building a strong foundation for each child, which includes that child’s social, emotional, physical as well as cognitive development
  • We offer open communication, with mutual respect and trust
  • Music forms a great part of our foundation, as research has shown that music optimises neural connections and songs, as well as stories, are used to encourage language acquisition
  • We have cutting edge ECD programmes, toys and tools with just the right amount of stimulation to allow each child to develop at their own pace
  • In our Baby centre, we assist each child to explore with self-help skills that broaden their vocabulary, thinking and reasoning skills and aids in self-confidence

Class ratio is: 1:4 and a maximum of 12 babies

Preparation for sitting and rolling. We will be having so much fun together making silly faces, blabbering, weird sounds and gestures which can include jumping, dancing and performing. We will learn how to eat solids together and start introducing hand-held food. During this year, will be the time when most babies start cutting their first teeth, we find that frozen fruit in an anti-choke container often works wonders. As soon as the little one shows signs of readiness to crawl, they graduate to the 2nd level of the brain development program.

Class Ratio is: 1:5 and a maximum of 10 babies ample crawling exercising and preparation for walking

Preparation for crawling and cruising class. At this age, your baby is more mobile, vocal and very enterprising explorer. He can eat from a spoon, feed himself and drink from a cup. He will crawl, stand and cruise. They are desperate to be active and has a lot of built- up energy and they also start looking more like toddlers. They start to show their own little personalities and joins in the games we play in class. As soon as your little one is a confident cruiser, they will graduate to the 3rd Level of the brain development program.

Class Ratio is: : 1:5 and a maximum of 10 tots

Preparation for walking, with an emphasis on structured gross- and fine motor development. At this age, they develop a sense of self and can see themselves as separate from others. This is also an important time to focus on fantasy plan and experimenting they love seeing new things.

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