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ClevaMe Facilities

Kids Laughing | Classrooms, Play Areas and Kitchens | ClevaMe Academy's Facilities

ClevaMe Facilities

Kids Laughing | Classrooms, Play Areas and Kitchens | ClevaMe Academy's Facilities

ClevaMe Facilities

Chalkboard | Student-Centred Learning Environment | ClevaMe Academy

ClevaMe Facilities


The classrooms were developed with separate play and learning areas in mind. All classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys and learning material. The Grade 00”s make use of an interactive whiteboard to enhance the learning experience, to simplify concepts for growing minds and actively involving them in the learning process.

Play Areas

Clevame provides large separate play areas for the babies and preschools children with all of the required apparatus for physical and brain development.

It is important that the indoor and outdoor spaces provide for babies not walking. Our babies not yet walking must be able to lie, crawl, roll, pull themselves up in order to learn to walk and to be protected from children that are already mobile. Therefore we have space for non-mobile children and space for our mobile children to play.

At ClevaMe we encourage our kids to hop, jump, push, pull, climb, slide, swing, balance and throw. We believe that moving is important to physical health and the development of motor skills and it also learns our children to fall and how to get back up again.

Our beautiful sand pit let children engage with their sensory experience as well as all five senses which are very important for brain development.

Our final magical ingredient to our play areas is time. We have regular times for free and unstructured play and we believe this might be the most important for all.


Our kitchen has suitable cooking and washing facilities, separate from the play area. The kitchen has enough natural lighting and ventilation. We follow strict guidelines for food safety beginning with food purchasing and continue through storing, preparing, serving, and cleaning up afterwards. Serving of food is just as important in child care programs as serving a balanced diet. We make sure to provide low sugar nutritious meals and snacks, all prepared on site, throughout the day to ensure full tummies and fed minds.

We know all about the importance of nutrition and the importance of establishing healthy eating patterns early in life. A Balanced diet is key to healthy eating and it provides our children with the nutrients to grow. Healthy eating behaviours in childhood have an impact on food preference and eating patterns in adulthood.

Balanced diet

With a healthy balanced diet we are ensuring that your child gets all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need in order to grow and develop. They need the following nutrients:

  1. Iron: cognitive development
  2. Calcium and Vitamin D: growth and development of bones
  3. Omega-3: brain function
  4. Vitamin D: healthy immune system

In order to get the above we make sure to provide the following on our plates:
1. Grains: form an essential part of a healthy diet, providing nutrients and energy for a child’s normal growth and development.
2. Vegetables: promote good health and protect against disease, both now and in the future.
3. Fruits:  strengthen a child’s immune system and help fight illnesses.
4. Dairy: is a good source of energy and protein, and contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, that young children need to build healthy bones and teeth.
5. Protein: is essential for building, maintaining, and repairing the tissues in our body.

Milk Kitchen

A separate milk kitchen is available to accommodate all moms whether breast – or bottle feeding. A separate milk kitchen means we have a completely separate kitchen where the milk bottles are washed and this is also where the milk gets kept separately from food and other drinks.

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