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ClevaMe Preschool

ClevaMe Preschool

ClevaMe Preschool

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ClevaMe Preschool Classes

Have been structured to ensure the establishment of your child’s primary school foundation. Preschool classes are available for children from the ages of 2 – 5. Our curriculum is the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) compliant to accommodate each growing mind, whilst meeting the required learning standards, with two separate stimulation programmes running throughout the day. The ClevaMe academy ensures that our pre-primary learners receive a holistic approach to childhood development elements which include social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills development. Daily assessments are done to ensure that all the areas in development are worked on and formal reports are given during the year.

The Classes are divided into the following groups:

The year your child is turning 3 years old.

The development focus in this class is age appropriate: Gross Motor, fine motor, language development, concentration/memory, visual perception, counting, auditory development, creative work, play interest and potty training with emphasis on body image. There will be big things happening with the big muscle (gross motor skills) as well as development in small muscle movement (fine motor skills). This is the time your little one’s character starts to take shape and blossom into a person

The year your child is turning 4 years old.

Age appropriate gross motor, fine motor, language development, concentration/memory, numeracy, perceptual development, body image, life skills as well as percussion. In this age group, they learn primarily through exploring, by using all the senses. They are also at a stage where they are able to think creatively and start solving problems. It is important for us to stimulate this and ensure they work on it daily.

The year your child is turning 5 years old.

Your child’s final preparation year before Grade R, ClevaMe focusses on getting the children prepared for private and public sector teaching, ensuring that their required level of understanding is correct. They know hundreds of words and we are all able to understand what they are saying all the time. The ClevaGrads also has better control over their behaviours which helps a lot for them to learn more things this year. We focus on integrating learning with our Interactive Whiteboard during this year and prepare them to the best of our ability.

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