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ClevaMe Preschool Milestones

ClevaMe Preschool Milestones

ClevaMe Preschool Milestones

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Find out about your Childs Developmental Milestones 

ClevaMe Preschool Milestones | Child Development | ClevaMe Academy | Playground

ClevaTots – Stage 3: 2 – 3 year Milestones

Your toddler will not only  grow  by leaps and bounds but  also actually learn how  to leap and jump. His attention span will be a lot longer than at 18 months and now that he can turn the pages in a book, he can participate more when you read together. He’ll naturally improve his motor skills by running, playing, sliding down slides, and climbing. This will let him improve motor skills. He’ ll be more independent and more interested in other kids and their limited language abilities frustrate them often so be patient.

ClevaKids – Stage 4: 3-4 year Milestones

Your child will officially start asking lots of questions and “Why” will be part of her repertoire! She learns lots of new words and makes major improvements in pronunciation. She begins to initiate conversations, wants to talk about areas of interest and can relate personal experiences to others with the support of grown-ups. Children this age develop their logical reasoning skills as they play. They can put together simple puzzles and understand that a whole object can be separated into parts. She can run, climb and perform other large-muscle activities. She can ride a tricycle, catch a large ball using two hands and build simple puzzles. She can use tools, hold crayons with fingers instead of fists, make balls and snakes out of clay and undress without your help. With fewer tantrums and more social behaviour, she cooperates with her friends, takes turns, and may begin to show some problem-solving skills.

ClevaGrads – Stage 5: 4-5 year Milestones

Be prepared for a language explosion, this may include developing a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words!
His ability to think and learn will pleasantly surprise you. He starts thinking about and understanding things he can’t see or touch, and work out how to creatively solve a certain issue like getting a robot to drive him to school. Your child has grown physically taller and picked up at least 8 kg weight this year. Eyesight continues to get better, too, so coordination improves. He’s better at walking down steps (maybe using the rail) with alternating feet, throwing, catching and kicking a ball, running, climbing, jumping, hopping and balancing on one foot. He is finally starting to develop his own unique personality. He gets along with other children better and is exploring and learning to express his emotions through play and art. By the time he’s five years old, he’ll have more control over his behavior and have fewer temper tantrums

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